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Although dogs exhibit more differences in physical characteristics than any other species, researchers at Stanford and Cornell Universities have recently determined that a mere six or seven genetic regions account for their great diversity. In contrast, itís thought That is in humans, hundreds of regions affect physical traits.

A dogís simpler genome makes an efficient model for genetic health research, and thatís good news for dogs and people alike.

The AKC Canine Health Foundation is launching a major bloat initiative for 2013.

Bloat, common name for Gastric Dilatation is a† rapidly progressing and devastating condition that can develop in several different breeds of dogs.† The condition is initiated when the stomach dilates and food and gas cannot be expelled. As the stomach dilates and expands, the pressure in the stomach begins to increase, causing inadequate blood return to the heart from the abdomen, loss of blood flow to the lining of the stomach and rupture of the stomach wall.† In some cases the stomach can become dilated enough to rotate in the abdomen, a condition called volvulus.† The rotation can lead to blockage of the blood supply to the spleen and stomach wall,

and without immediate surgical correction of volvulus and removal of the dead tissues, the patient can die.† To learn more about bloat, including warning signs and what you can do to prevent this disease, including prophylactic gastroplexy surgery, visit†

Naturally , a major research effort to identify the underlying mechanisms of this condition will be required. Your donation in any amount , to AKCCHF will be appreciated.†


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The AKC Canine Health Foundation is launching a major bloat initiative for 2013.

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†††††† M. Acklam